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  • Will my fresh flower order look exactly like the picture on the website?
    As we work with fresh flowers, each flower is unique. Bouquets are made bespoke to order depending on season, quality of flowers available, and budget spent. If you have selected a particular style on the website, we can create something using the same colours/style, but the stems can vary.
  • How big will my bouquet be?
    In general, the bigger the budget, the bigger the bouquet! When selecting your style, there are often example sizes on the images for guidance. It's impossible to put a size to a price because of the variations of stems we use, along with the prices of the stems coming from Holland changing daily on the auctions.
  • Can I specify a time for delivery?
    We unfortunately cannot guarantee a specific delivery time at present as the deliveries are fulfilled by our very small team at Seasons. You can collect from store free of charge using the collect option at checkout. We suggest ordering your flowers the day before required and delivering them yourself to guarantee a particular tim
  • When can I collect my order?
    Orders placed before 1pm for Next day/Advance delivery will be ready to collect the following day during opening hours (10-5 Tuesday-Friday, 10-4 Saturday). Same day deliveries placed before 1pm will be available the same day – you will receive a message to collect once the order is ready.
  • What prices do your bouquets start at?
    The smallest bouquet/hatbox we offer is £25.
  • Can I call you to make an order?
    The quickest way to place an order is through our website. That being said, if you are experiencing issues online, or need something specific, we are happy to discuss over the phone.
  • How long will my flowers last?
    We guarantee our flowers to last 3 days. Flowers are expected to live much longer than this period, however as their condition is determined by heat, draught, and following aftercare instructions. If following the aftercare instructions, flowers can last a week and beyond.
  • How do I look after my hand tied arrangement?
    Your flowers have been hand tied and placed into a water pack. We recommend removing your flowers from their packaging within 48hrs. Carefully cut away the water pack and wrap, and trim stems at an angle. Once trimmed, place the flowers into a fresh water filled vase. For optimal results, replace the water every two days, or when the water appears dirty. Snipping the stems at each water change will lead to a longer bloom time. Adding a teaspoon of sugar and the tiniest drop of bleach to your water will feed your flowers and remove any bacteria in the water. Keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight, in a cool area of your home, away from draught. Remove and discard of any flowers or foliage that appears wilted.
  • How do I look after my hatbox/foam arrangement?
    Your flowers may come placed in foam. This means there is no requirement to remove the flowers from their container! The foam is soaked in water which should provide enough fluid for the first 24hrs. After this point, you can inspect the foam. If moist, leave alone. If dry, add ¼ cup water (around 50ml) using a water bottle directly into the foam. Keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight, in a cool area of your home, away from draught. Remove and discard of any flowers or foliage that appears wilted.
  • Can I choose a specific date for delivery?
    Yes, of course. Just choose your required date at checkout.
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